About Us

Who we are

Microsurfaces is a biotech company based in Melbourne, Australia, that manufactures a range of novel microstructured surfaces that enable live cell imaging over long periods of time for high content imaging, tracking and screening applications.

Our imaging products have been developed through a collaborative approach between physicists, biologists, microscopists and bio-interface chemists.

In addition to the standard product lines we look to engaged with researchers to help them develop the tools that they require to excel in their field through the ability to quickly develop new and novel custom microstructured surfaces that may be specific to their applications.

Our history

2017 - Microsurfaces officially launches the improved microwell array and new microEB array product lines.

2013 - Microsurfaces officially launches the micromesh array and microwell array product lines. In addtion the new website is released.

2011 - Microsurfaces Pty Ltd was founded by Dr Daniel Day to manufacture the microgrid array inserts.

2010 - Biosurfaces Pty Ltd was established as a University start-up company in collaboration with the Cooperative Research Centre for Polymers to commercialise the microstructure fabrication processes for creating biological cell culture ware.

2009 - Patented process for 'Method for fabricating microstructured cell culture devices'.

2007 - Patented process for 'Replica moulding of microstructures for supporting microscopic biological material'.

2005 - Initial fabrication experiments for creating microstrucuted surfaces for containing cells during laser transfection.

Our mission

A collaborative approach

Our goal is to continually develop innovative surfaces and devices that enable our customers to achieve breakthroughs in their work, whether it be in research or industry. This commitment to innovation is driven through creating partnerships with our customers and utilising their expertise and feedback to deliver the future in cell culture ware.

Leading edge products

The aim of Microsurfaces is to become a global manufacturer of innovative high content imaging technologies that enable our customers to achieve breakthroughs in performance, quality and excellence.