Arrays for live cell imaging

Image and capture dynamic cellular events in real time.

High content arrays

Microstructured arrays for imaging, tracking and analysis of live cells.

More cells, more results

Flexible inserts that can be used with any cell culture ware.


Solutions for live cell imaging and cell based assays

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Innovative, flexible solutions for long term live cell imaging

Microsurfaces is the global leader in microstructured surfaces and devices for confining cells to enable the study of dynamic cellular events over hours, days or weeks. Our goal is to continually develop innovative products that enable our customers to achieve breakthroughs in their work, whether it be in research or industry. This commitment to innovation is driven through creating partnerships with our customers and utilising their expertise and feedback to deliver the future in cell culture ware.

The aim of Microsurfaces is to become a global manufacturer of innovative high content imaging technologies that enable our customers to achieve breakthroughs in performance, quality, efficiency and excellence.

Standard live cell imaging

Microcell array live cell imaging

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