Microcell array protocols

Protocol for using a microcell array for live cell imaging

Lift an edge of the microcell array insert with a paif of fine tweezers to peel the insert off the packaging slide. Always use gloves when working with the microcell arrays as contamination (dust, oils,...) from the skin can adversely affect the performance of the arrays.


Carefully place the microcell array into the imaging culture ware by laying the insert down from one edge to ensure that no air is trapped between the surface of the culture ware and the microcell array. If air bubbles become trapped, then remove the insert and try again. If the trapping of air bubbles continues, place one to two drops of ethanol onto the culture ware, then lay the insert down. Please note, if you use ethanol to assist in laying the insert down, leave the culture ware in the hood for at least 30 minutes to allow the ethanol to evaporate, otherwise the insert will not stick to the cell culture ware when the media is added.


The microcell array inserts are provided in vacuum sealed packaging, however we recommend the following step for sterilization. Slowly drop 100% ethanol on top of the microcell array until the floor of the chamber including the insert is covered. Use a 1,000 μL pipette to draw out all the ethanol from each chamber and discard as waste. Use the pipette to cycle the ethanol in the chamber in order to assist in removing any air bubbles that may have gotten trapped.


Please note that the microcell arrays are very hydrophobic and the addition of warm media to the inserts after the ethanol rinse will result in air bubbles being trapped in the grids. To avoid this, follow steps 5 to 7.


Slowly add another 2 - 4 drops of 100% ethanol on top of the insert in the chamber. Again use the pipette to cycle the ethanol in the chamber to assist in removing any trapped air bubbles.


Slowly add warm media to one corner of the chamber until almost full.


Draw out the media/ethanol mixture from the opposite corner of the chamber, taking care that the microcell array is always covered with liquid. Repeat steps 6 and 7 at least five times to make sure the ethanol is completely diluted out.


For a typical chamber slide, seed between 1-2x104 cells.


Allow approximately 10 - 30 mins for the cells to settle before imaging.

Download the microcell array protocols
Packaged microgrid, micromesh and microwell array inserts

Insert a microgrid, micromesh or microwell array into a chamber slide or glass bottom dish

Remove air bubbles from microgrid, micromesh or microwell array

Rinse microgrid, micromesh or microwell array

Add cells to microgrid, micromesh or microwell array