Custom designs

Custom microstructured surfaces for live cell imaging and cell culture
Custom size or shape microcell array

If your experimental parameters require a custom designed microgrid, micromesh or microwell array for cell culture and imaging applications or a unique stencil shape for protein micropatterning then we have multiple fabrication techniques that can be used to manufacture custom designs. In order to ensure that the custom design is suitable for your application, we will provide a couple samples for testing.

There will be a charge for custom designs which is dependent on design and fabrication time and will be quoted prior to starting. All subsequent microcell array inserts will then be subject to pricing based on manufacture time.

Please contact us at to discuss your application and requirements.

Custom materials and designs for 3D cell culture and live cell imaging
Novel materials

In addition to the standard clear poly(dimethyl siloxane)(PDMS) polymer that the microcell inserts are made from we also manufacture the microgrid, micromesh and microwell arrays using a black poly(dimethyl siloxane). If you would prefer the black PDMS or other polymers we are happy to discuss different material options and your requirements.

Depending on the materials required there will be a charge for manufacturing with new materials.

Please contact us at to discuss your application and requirements.