Live cell imaging

Complete solutions for extended live cell imaging that enable unprecented tracking and imaging of adherent and non-adherent live cell types.

The range of surfaces and sizes enables the imaging of cells from hours to days. Custom surfaces and devices can be tailored to meet the requirments of your cells and your application.

Single Cell Analysis

Dynamic live cell analysis of single cells is now possible. Whether you are interested in single cells or small populations of cells over multiple generations, the microcell arrays enable the imaging and tracking of the same cells over long periods.

Unprecendeted access to large data sets of single cells from a single experiment.

Protein micropatterning

A complete range of stencils for protein micropatterning with sizes ranging from μm^2 to mm^2.

The range of surfaces and sizes enables the imaging of cells from hours to days.

High content imaging

Imaging and screening of large populations of cells with single cell resolution for long periods of time is now possible.

With the use of the microgrid or micromesh arrays you can now create thousands of individual live cell assays from a single experiment.

Cell - cell interactions

Looking for cell-cell interactions? The unique environment created by the microgrid or micromesh arrays enables the collection and analysis of hundreds of cell-cell interactions from a single experiment no matter when they occur.

The micromesh arrays when used with a TIRF microscope will offer unprecedented access to membrane protein trafficking.

Multi mode imaging

The microgrid and micromesh arrays are highly suited to multiple imaging modalities including; transmission, fluorescence, differential interference contrast (DIC), phase and scanning electron microscopy (SEM).

Cell tracking

Tracking cell lineage through multiple generations to determine cell fate is now very simple. With the use of the microgrid or micromesh arrays multiple generations of cells can be imaged and tracked over days.

Cell signaling

High resolution imaging of cell signaling events is now a simple reality. The ability to mix cell types within the individual wells of the microgrid or micromesh arrays ensures you never miss another cell signaling event.


Fast and simple inserts for repeatable immunofluorescence assays. The micromesh arrays are perfectly suited to high resolution imaging of fluorescent cell assays and can result in increased quantity and quality of the assays from a single experiment.

Embryoid body formation

The microwell arrays are a simple surface insert for the formation of repeatable embryoid bodies. The uniquely parabolic surface profile ensures that the cells form into a defined spheriod every time.

With hundreds or thousands of individual wells per array, the microwell arrays represent the most cost effective solution for reliable and repeatable embryoid bodies.